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Paul & Hassan Chartered Accountants established its Dubai office in 2004. Mr. Hassan Alyasi, a Finance Graduate, has an experience of over 13 years in the finance department of a Government office in Dubai. Mr. Thomas Paul A fellow member of the Institute of Chartered Accountants of India, Mr. Thomas Paul has immense experience in auditing and system review of companies operating in various industry segments. His core area of expertise includes in-depth system review reporting. Management advisory services and financial statement presentations. Paul & Hassan Chartered Accountants offer an impressive bouquet of comprehensive solutions in auditing, Management Consultancy, MIS Reporting, Project Appraisal, business Valuation, Takeover an Mergers, Company Formation, Human Resource Planning and Business Reengineering. It provides special services in Loan Syndication, Business Identification and Personal Wealth Management.

These solutions will help you succeed in your business initiatives.

Auditing and Related services
As global markets become more integrated an integrate and investors look for more consistency in financial reporting Standards (IFRS) will play a significant role in doing business globally. realising these developments, Paul & Hassan Chartered Accountants extends its service to help you adopt IFRS and improve the efficiency of your company.

Internal Audit
Paul & Hassan Chartered Accountants carry out periodical review of your company's performance. Ensures that adequate measures are taken to safeguard the company against misappropriations. And presents a true and accurate financial position to the management. The firm identifies high-risks areas and suggests solutions for streaming internal controls, improving operational productivity and adopting effective management information system. Paul & Hassan Chartered Accountants also offer consultation on legal compliance for various transactions and statutory requirements.

Financial Accounting
Paul & Hassan Chartered Accountants provide solutions for your complex financial accounting issues, IFRS conversions and company secretarial functions. Carries out outsourcing of accounting assignments through its channel partners. And offers technical advice, support tools and training for accounting stuff. The firm also undertakes the preparation of financial statements without an audit and review assignments for clients who require an assurance on their financial statements.

Company formation/ Business Set-ups
Paul & Hassan Chartered Accountants supports you in forming Limited Liability Companies, Free Zone Establishments (FZE), Free Zone Companies (FZCO/FZC) and Industrial License Establishments. And provides assistance in preparation of documents, processing and follow up with various government bodies.

Management Consultancy
Through its consulting alliance, Paul & Hassan Chartered Accountants offers innovative solutions in financial services, private sector development, business, trade and infrastructure development. Close association with local and international member firms make Paul & Hassan Chartered Accountants competent in understanding macro and micro environments, local language and the culture in which the business is operating. This comprehensive understanding will translate into effective solutions and tailor-made strategies. The collaborative approach employing a combination of analytical skills, practical solutions and sound project management ensures sustainable results for your business.

Project Feasibility
Paul & Hassan Chartered Accountants carries out feasible studies for investors and prepares report on business proposal based on available economic data, competitor's performance, political situation etc. and by covering technical, financial and economic aspects.

Business Plan
Supported by its global and local networks, Paul & Hassan Chartered Accountants helps you chart out your future course of business. Business plans are prepared for two or three years covering an assessment of capacity of the company establishing targets and streamlining the operations.

Corporate Finance/ Loan Syndication
Paul & Hassan Chartered Accountants advices companies on raising finance, business planning and corporate strategy. And prepares project report (Techno Economic Feasibility Study).

Business Valuation
This service is offered to companies planning IPO, issuing of additional equity, mergers, acquisitions, and selling or buying of companies.

Human Resource Planning and Review
Paul & Hassan Chartered Accountants helps you optimise manpower, the biggest asset of your company. It evaluates employee performance based on industry-specific performance benchmarks. The firm also assists you in reporting externally on non-financial information, strengthening corporate governance procedure and achieving social and economic goals related to corporate sustainability

International Business
In association with its sister concerns and channel partners, Paul & Hassan Chartered Accountants offers various financial and accounting services in India, Europe and United States.

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