Paul & Hassan Chartered Accountants Receives Award for Being a 2020 Top Accounting Firm in Dubai
Posted on : August 17, 2020

Did you know that 83% of accountants say clients demand more from them today than they did five years ago? It’s true. Any accounting professional who wishes to remain competitive must be on top of industry trends and practices.

From big data and analysis to automation and artificial intelligence to cloud accounting, you can be sure that your Paul & Hassan Chartered Accountants team is utilizing all of the latest and greatest accounting practices for you.

We have experts in all facets of finance including accounting, auditing, taxation, business consultancy, company formation, legal compliance, loans syndication, valuations and more. Over the years, we’ve had numerous successful projects and engagements for clients of all shapes and sizes.

In a current ongoing engagement with a Business Consultancy, our team is well established their competency in providing external and internal auditing, valuation and due diligence services, company setup consultancy services, and tax consultancy.

The corporate manager of the Business consultancy, took the time to leave us some thoughts about the engagement. They shared that as a result of the efforts, their business processes and controls have become more streamlined and efficient.

“They work independently after gathering relevant information’s after per the check lists.I’m impressed with the knowledge level of their deputed staff, audit procedures, and checklist adopted.” –Corporate Manager, Business Consultancy

This is just one example of our many successful engagements we’ve had with our partners. This feedback has established us as one of the leading accounting and auditing firms in Dubai. We’ve recently learned we’re an award recipient for our dedicated and excellent work.

We would like to recognize our customers. Thank you so much for your partnership! Our team couldn’t have received this award without you. We take pride in being your accounting/auditing firm and look forward to our future work with you.

Drop a line if you ever need anything!

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